Rogyw's Jump in Puddle Arcade Game


Using the Game

This game can be played online using a modern web browser.
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The game has been confirmed to operate successfully on the following:
Keyboard/Mouse: Windows 10 and browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, or Edge.
Touch: Android (Lollipop) with Chrome or Firefox. iPhone.

Object of the Game:

Move the boy/girl upwards to jump into the big puddle - avoiding the bugs travelling along the pavement.

How to Play:

The player moves one space at a time up, down, left, or right.

Keyboard: To move, press and release the keyboard arrow keys ( Up / Down / Left / Right ).

Touch/Mouse Click:To move, click or tap in the destination square next to current player location.

Game Restart: Refresh the browser page ( F5 ).

Scoring: Each time the player jumps into the puddle one point is earned and the player is safely transported back to the grass ready to try again. If the player touches a bug they lose a life and restart from the grass.

Have fun!

About "Jump in Puddle Arcade Game"

This game was created as part of Roger Woodroofe's Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree in October 2015. It is Project 3 - a practical exercise for the Udacity Object Oriented Javascript Course.
Project source is currently hosted on GitHub.

Feedback, Suggestions, Comments, or Issues can be submitted via Github or through email